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All for One Steeb AG to Acquire SAP SuccessFactors Specialist TalentChamp

– Filderstadt, 10 December 2018 –

With its subsidiary KWP INSIDE HR GmbH, Heilbronn, leading HR and HR IT full service provider, All for One Steeb AG is the go-to partner for digital HR transformation. Regarding this position, All for One Steeb is aiming to fully explore the potential of digital value creation of the HR line of business. Therefore talent management is receiving more and more attention…

United VARs SAP Ecosystem Increasingly in Demand as Business Platform for International Transformation Projects

– Filderstadt, 12 June 2018 –

It is no secret that digital transformation, with its disruptive forces, can endanger even well-established companies. Successful turnarounds, on the other hand, are far less well known. A prime example is Nokia. As HMD Global, this radically repositioned Finnish smartphone manufacturer is continuously sharing the signals of its success. The driving force behind its impressive…

All for One Steeb AG is Planning to Acquire a Majority Stake in Cloud Specialist B4B Solutions GmbH

– Filderstadt, 05 October 2016 –

All for One Steeb AG, a leading IT house and number one ranked SAP partner in the German-speaking market, wants to strengthen the presence of cloud software solutions in the midmarket. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are to benefit from fast, efficient and simple solutions from the cloud.

United VARs Scoring Points with Local CEO-Level Presence within the Global SAP Ecosystem

– Filderstadt, 13 May 2016 –

Darn it! Blocked again. Just dabbling at table football is no longer good enough. What’s the best way of putting the ball into the net? What are the losers doing wrong, and the winners right? Those are the questions. »We’ll find the answers using our Internet of Things scenario of a table football game connected to SAP HANA«, explained Ingimar Guojon Bjarnason, Managing…

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